We welcome new patients. Bulk-billing is available to pension card holders and patients under 16 years of age for standard consultations.

Womens Health

We can provide the support and solutions you need for a range of women’s health concerns, including pregnancy, sexual health, contraception and more.


We are nonjudgmental, approachable and well-informed. We can advise you on a wide range of contraception including oral contraceptive pills, intra vaginal rings, injectable solutions, the insertion and removal of Implanon and advice on intrauterine options such as Mirena.

Health care and reproductive screening

We can perform a number of screening checks on-site, including PAP smears, STI screening, blood tests, breast screening, ovarian cancer screening, pregnancy advice and antenatal care.


Menopause is different for everyone and the symptoms can vary from minor to severe. We can help control many of the symptoms associates with menopause, including hot flushes, poor sleep and moodiness.