We welcome new patients. Bulk-billing is available to pension card holders and patients under 16 years of age for standard consultations.

Vaccinations and Immunisations

Our practice complies with Australian Standards, and is fully accredited for the storage of immunisations and vaccinations.

Flu vaccinations

Don’t let the flu get you!

Vaccination offers effective protection against influenza, although vaccines need to be given each year as flu viruses are always changing.

**Ask us if you qualify for a FREE flu vaccination

Childhood Immunisations

Immunisation from an early age is highly recommended. Many diseases which children are susceptible to can be life-threatening or cause permanent damage. Vaccination protects against infection, saves lives and protects those who are too young or too sick to be immunised. Talk to us about protecting your children from the most serious childhood conditions.

Travel immunisations

Going on holiday? Our Doctors are available to advise and administer specific immunisations for different regions around the globe.  Please ensure that you make an appointment with your doctor well in advance as some vaccinations are required to be given over a specific time frame and completed in a certain time-frame before departure.