We Bulk bill all Pension, Health care card holders and Children under 16 – NO Bulk billing on weekends.
Remember the importance to maintain COVID safe principles

Queenslanders have done an excellent job and we all need to continue working together to prevent and manage the spread of COVID-19 in Queensland- Please advise reception if you have any of the following symptoms - Fever, Cough, Sore throat, Shortness of breath DO NOT BOOK ONLINE/ OR PRESENT at the clinic. If you are unwell with flu-like symptoms (e.g. sore throat or runny nose), get tested for COVID-19 and stay home.

Please phone on 07 48631281 and we will guide you with the next step of care.


As well as assisting you when you’re not feeling well, we also strive to help you to maintain your good health. At Mackay Family Medical Practice we take a holistic approach to your health and provide a wide range of medical services to assist in helping you to feel your best every day.

A strong focus of our practice is chronic disease management, as well as prevention to help you get your health on track. We strongly encourage regular health checkups and screening for medical conditions that may otherwise become chronic, as early detection and treatment often results in better health outcomes.

We are also available to visit you in your home or a nursing home if you are unable to see us at the clinic.

We value cultural diversity and we strive to be sensitive to our patients’ cultural backgrounds.

Don’t let the flu get you!


ATSI Health Check Closing the Gap

Do you identify as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?

Please ask us about registering for ‘Closing the Gap.’ Your doctor may be able to prescribe Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines that will be more affordable. You may also be eligible for a free health check each year and have access to additional support services for patients who are identified as being ‘at risk’ of developing, or who are already living with, chronic disease.

FREE health assessments for OVER 75’s

If you are aged 75 years and over you are eligible for a free Health Assessment each year.

The health check is made up of a number of questions looking at all areas of your health and well-being including diet and nutrition, exercise and mobility, family relationships and mental health. Part of the assessment will also involve talking about your home environment to ensure it is safe and secure.

FREE health checkup for 45-49 age group

We believe that your 50’s and 60’s can be just as much fun as your 40’s, so we want to ensure you are performing at your peak physical condition to enjoy every moment.

As part of the Government’s Australian Better Health Initiative, you are entitled to a health assessment which will be completely bulk-billed. This assessment will give us the opportunity to look for any risk factors which have the potential to develop into a chronic disease later in life. Think of it like a trip to the mechanic, except this time you’re getting your own body looked over.

You need to book in advance and complete a questionnaire to bring along to the appointment.

Our services at a glance

GP Services

  • Family health care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Vaccinations and Immunisations
  • Infant and toddler health checks
  • Medicals and Workplace
  • Women’s health
  • Men’s health
  • Mental health
  • Mole and skin checks
  • Minor operations

Allied Health Services

  • Nursing and hearing checks
  • Diabetes education and management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Pathology
  • Dietitian  and exercise physiologist