We welcome new patients. Bulk-billing is available to pension card holders and patients under 16 years of age for standard consultations.

We send appointment reminders via SMS - June 20, 2019

Our practice uses HotDoc to send out your appointment reminders via SMS. This method is a more secure and reliable way to remind patients about their upcoming appointments.

When you receive a reminder by SMS, there are two ways you can confirm or cancel your appointment:

  1. Click on the secure link, and follow the instructions
  2. Or simply reply ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ to the SMS

Please do not reply with anything aside from a ‘YES’ or a ‘NO’, otherwise your reply might not be understood. Please also note that you do not need to phone us to confirm or cancel your appointment. If however, you prefer to speak to someone in person, feel free to phone us on: (07) 4957 6999.